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Journal of Ag Ed Online Publishing

Full Journal access is available to paid AAAE members. The JAE is now published in PDF format. Individual articles and entire journals may be downloaded for offline reading. Journals from Volume 1 (1960) forward are available online. The Journal is also indexed by EBSCO.

Usernames and passwords are created from the AAAE membership roster. Username is your last name plus the first 4 letters of your first name (Ex: RobertsGrad). Membership questions should be addressed to the Membership Secretary. Lost passwords can be retrieved from the site using your email address.

For questions about this system please contact the JAE Editor

Journal of Ag Ed Review (Fast Track)

At least one author of a JAE submission must be a member of AAAE.
To submit and review article for the Journal, visit the following link:
You create your own username and password.
For questions about this system, please contact the JAE Editor.

Please send all subscription requests to:
Dr. Jon Ramsey
AAAE Treasurer
Associate Professor
Agricultural Education, Communications & Leadership Department
Oklahoma State University

If you have questions about your existing subscription, please send them to:
Dr. Kate Shoulders

Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology
University of Arkansas

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