National Leadership

National Officers

Name Office Term Ends
Michael Newman
President 2020
Scott Burris
President Elect
Bobby Torres
 Past- President
Becki Lawver
Secretary  2021
Jon Ramsey
Treasurer 2021

Assistant Treasurer

Gary Briers
Historian 2021
Courtney Meyers
V.P. - Communications 2020
Roger Tormoehlen
V.P. - North Central Region 2020
Travis Park
V.P. - Southern Region 2020
Lori Moore
V.P. - Western Region 2020
 Marilyn Trefz
Association Manager

Journal of Agricultural Education

 Kate Shoulders
 Editor  2019 - 2021
 Tyson Sorensen  Assistant Editor  2016 -
 Harry Boone
 Past Editor  2016-2018

JAE Editing Managing Board

 Name  Region  Term Ends
 Neil Knobloch  North Central  Dec. 2018
 Ryan Anderson  North Central  2019
 Misty Lambert  North Central  2020
 Chris Estepp  Southern  2018
 Christopher Stripling  Southern, Chair  2019
 Joey Blackburn  Southern, Chair-elect
 Ryan Saucier  Western  2018
 Dustin Perry  Western  2019
 Marshall Baker  Western  2020

JAE Editorial Review Board

 Name  Region Term Ends
 James Christiansen  Western  2018 
 Steve Rocca  Western  2018
 Kasee Smith  Western  2019
 Debra Spielmaker  Western  2019
   Western  2020
   Western  2020
Catherine Dibenedetto  Southern  2018
 Andrew Thoron  Southern  2018
 Alexa Lamm  Southern  2019
 Eric Rubinstein  Southern  2019
 OP McCubbins  Southern  2020
 Travis Park  Southern  2020
 Jason McKibben  North Central  2018
 Annie Specht  North Central  2018
 John Ewing  North Central  2019
 Scott Smalle  North Central  2019
 Erica Thieman  North Central  2020
 Hui-Hui Wang  North Central  2020


Member Services Committee

Name Office Term Ends
JC Bunch Chair 2020
Kevin Curry
Chair-elect   2020


Program Improvement Committee

Name Office Term Ends
Marshall Swafford Chair 2020
Laura Hasselquist
Chair-elect 2020

    Professional Development Committee

Name Office Term Ends
Amber Rice Chair 2020
Jon Ramsey
Chair-elect 2020
Marshall Baker

                                Research Committee

 Name  Office  Term Ends
John Rayfield  Chair  2020
Kasee Smith
 Chair Elect  2020

Poster Review & Submission Manager
Gaea Hock (2018-2021)

Manuscript Review & Submission Manager
Andrew Thoron (2019-2022)

Special Interest Groups

Name Office Term Ends
Matthew Mars
Chair, Ag Leadership
Lisa Taylor
John Diaz
Chair, Ext./Int'l Development
Vice Chair, Ext./Int'l Development
Annie Specht
Carley Morrison
Chair, Ag Communications
Vice Chair, Ag Communications
Kate Shoulders
Jessica Blythe
Chair, Academic Learning
Vice Chair, Academic Learning
Mike Martin
Denise Stewardson
Chair, Ag Literacy
Vice Chair, Ag Literacy

Chair, Teacher Education

Vice Chair, Teacher Education

Chair, Ag Mechanics
Tre Easterly
Chair, Teacher Prof. Development 2019

Chair, Distance Education

Chair, Univ. Academic Programs

Chair, History

AAAE Representatives for Other Organizations




Michael Newman
 NCAC-024 Representative  2019

Travis Park

National Council for Ag Ed

2017 - 2020

Eric Rubinstein

National FFA Board of Directors

Ann De Lay

Stakeholder Rep, National FFA Board Director

2017 – 2020**

John Simonsen

National FFA Foundation

2018 - 2020

Bobby Torres

National FFA Foundation

2017 - 2020

John Ramsey

FFA Alumni Council


National Postsec Ag State Org. Board Director

Matt Mars

Journal of Natural Sciences Education Representative  - Ag Ed

2019 – 2021

Adam Marx

National FFA CDE Advisory Council


Barry Croom

National FFA CDE Advisory Council


David Mauk

Adult Consultant FFA Officer Selection

Barry Croom  National FFA Awards & Recognition Committee 2018-2020

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