27 Jan 2016 1:05 PM | Emily Buck

Melissa Geiger

Melissa Geiger recently joined the YDAE team as the Undergraduate Coordinator and Schedule Deputy. She specifically supports Drs. Brady, Orvis, Peters and Talbert as well as Skye Brown, Elizabeth Byers, Amy Conrad, Kimber Nicoletti and Beth Theobald. Her position was created to better serve the undergraduate students and faculty. Melissa stated, “I’m just getting started in the department, but I believe my purpose is to compliment the communication between faculty and students, provide another resource for students and faculty for needs within the university, and help students in any way as they navigate through their undergraduate coursework”. Melissa will enhance the undergraduate student’s experience. She will serve as a major resource for them and hopes she can help them be successful at Purdue and beyond. 

After being in the department for a month, her biggest goal is focusing on centralizing the student and alumni data in order to stay in better contact with new students coming into the program, current students and our alumni. She plans on developing a consistent and predictable contact plan for communication with our stakeholders in order for them to better understand what they need for success. 

Melissa helps students with scheduling appointments, course/registration questions. " I’m also glad to help answer any questions that student may have, but aren’t sure where to go first – to serve as their go-to person". She plans to get to know each of our students individually and will enhance their experience and success during their time at Purdue. Melissa is a great addition to our department and looks forward to the future. "I’m really honored to be a part of YDAE, and hope to help us grow and develop through our next strategic plan vision. I really appreciate everyone’s kindness and welcoming spirit". Please join YDAE in welcoming Melissa to our department. You can find her in Agricultural Administration, room 226.

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