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Outstanding Early Career Award

2020 Scott Smalley, Iowa State University

2019 Christopher Stripling, University of Tennessee

2018 Catherine Shoulders, University of Arkansas

2017 Alexa Lamm, University of Florida

2016 Andrew Thoron, University of Florida

2015 Robert Strong, Texas A & M University

2014 Don Edgar, University of Arkansas

2013 J. Shane Robinson, Oklahoma State University

2012 Emily Rhoades, The Ohio State University

2011 Brian Warnick, Utah State University

2010 Brian Myers, University of Florida

2009 T. Grady Roberts, University of Florida

2008 Anna L. Ball, University of Florida

2007 Dwayne Cartmell, Oklahoma State University

2006 Nick Place, University of Florida

2005 Craig Edwards, Oklahoma State University

2004 Kathleen Kelsey, Oklahoma State University

2003 Mark Balschweid, Purdue University

2002 James R. Lindner, Texas A&M University

2001 Jim Dyer, University of Florida

2000 Bryan Garton, University of Missouri

1999 Robert Torres, New Mexico State University

1998 James Connors, University of Idaho

1997 Michael Newman, Mississippi State University

1996 Robert Terry, Jr., Oklahoma State University

1995 Jack Elliot, University of Arizona

1994 Jamie Cano, The Ohio State University

1993 Leon Schumacher, University of Missouri

1992 Jim Flowers, North Carolina State University

1991 Emmalou VanTilburg Norland, The Ohio State University

1990 Robert J. Birkenholz, University of Missouri

1989 George W. Wardlow, University of Minnesota

1988 Ed Osborne, University of Illinois

1987 Robert Martin, Iowa State University

1986 Dean Sutphin, Cornell University

1985 Blannie Bowen, The Ohio State University

1984 Kirby Barrick, The Ohio State University

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