Subscribing to the AAAE List Serv

The American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) in cooperation with Purdue University has developed an electronic mail list serv for use by university agricultural education faculty and others interested in agricultural education. The list serv allows someone to send one message to the list serv and have that message forwarded on to all subscribers to the list. It has capabilities to send text messages and attached files. 

At AAAE's request, Purdue University has established the list serv as a "closed" list. This means that ag ed professionals must send a message requesting to be added to the list. A closed list protects its subscribers from receiving "spam mail" and helps to eliminate unrelated e-mail traffic. The list will archive messages on a monthly basis, which can be accessed at a later time.

Here's how to subscribe:

1. Go to the AAAE Listserv web page.

2. Scroll to the section titled Subscribing to Aaae. 

3. Enter your email address and name.

4. You may choose to enter a password. If you do not choose a password, one will automatically be generated for you and will be sent with your email confirmation.

5. Click subscribe.

6. After approval from the moderator, you will be subscribed to the list.

7. Please save this confirmation email for future reference.

Here's how to send a message:

1. Address an e-mail note to

2. Enter (type or paste) a subject line.

3. Enter (type or paste) your message.

4. Send the message. Your message will be delivered to everyone who is subscribed to the list serv.

Email List:

National Listserv

NorthCentral Region Listserv

Southern Region Listserv

Western Region Listserv

Administrators Listserv

NAAE Listserv

Here's how to unsubscribe:

1. Refer to the confirmation email that you received when you subscribed to the listserv. It will contain detailed information regarding cancellation.

2. You may also unsubscribe from the list by going to

3. Scroll down to the Aaae Subscribers section.

4. Enter the email address that you subscribed to the listserv under and click unsubscribe or edit options.

To get help, send the command: HELP to

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