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National Conference

2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Research Proceedings .pdf  186 KB
Research Posters .pdf  194 KB
Innovative Posters .pdf  90 KB
Reviewers .pdf   63 KB
Poster Abstracts  link  --------
National Research Agenda Comments .pdf  91 KB
President Elect Report .pdf   74 KB 
Western Region Report .pdf   85 KB 
Legislative Task Force Report .pdf   101 KB 
CAST Report .pdf   131 KB 
Council Curriculum Framework Task Force Report .pdf   23 KB 
National Council for Ag Ed Report .pdf   33 KB 
FFA January - March Update .pdf   318 KB 
Treasurer Report .pdf   12 KB 
Membership Report .pdf   28 KB 
Research Committee Report .pdf   75 KB 
Member Services Committee Report .pdf  94 KB 
Professional Development Committee Report .pdf  88 KB 
Awards Dinner .pdf  111 KB 
Business Minutes, Session One .pdf   88 KB 
Business Minutes, Session Two .pdf  149 KB 
Board Minutes, Session One .pdf   81 KB 
Board Minutes, Session Two .pdf   154 KB 
Overall Program .pdf   143 KB 
Research Program .pdf   84 KB 
Journal of Agricultural Education Editor Report .pdf   22 KB 
Journal of Agricultural Education Business Mgr Report .pdf   112 KB 
FFA National Board of Directors Report .pdf   318 KB 
FFA Awards Advisory Committee Report .pdf   89 KB 
Registration Form .pdf   117 KB 
Charlotte Scouting Report .pdf   114 KB 


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